Who We Are

Pointsource Processing Inc. is as company that has been a long time in the making. It may not have been around 28 years ago, but the values that it upholds and the vision it has today stemmed from those early days. Running an environmental land reclamation company in Scotland for 22 years Nigel Bosworth, CEO of Pointsource Processing Inc., gained the vast knowledge in pollution migration and cleanup among various other skills. After close to two decades of cleaning up pollution that had migrated from the original source, Mr. Bosworth decided that it was time to take care of the problem at point source, thus Pointsource Processing Inc. was born. For the first 5 years the company operated under a research and development company called SafeChem Systems Inc. where copious amounts of tests were carried out to solidify the technology Pointsource Processing Inc. now uses on a daily basis.

SafeChem Systems Inc. is continuing to carry out further research with the help of active sites provided by Pointsource Processing Inc. for ongoing up to date data. These active sites are in a wide variety of industries involving a wide range of technologies. Some of the highlighted areas are; oily water treatment with oil recovery for re-sale, waste water treatment for direct discharge, anti-fouling contaminated waste water treatment for marine application, and custom designed units for space saving.

After solidifying the technology for cleaning heavy metals, hydrocarbons and organics out of water the next step in the process was to start trials utilizing salt water. A company has been formed, however it has not been named as of yet. Further testing of the technology must be done to have this process running at maximum efficiency.

Our companies work in harmony with each other to find creative environmental solutions for our clients needs. We relish the challenge and opportunity that our clients bring to the table.

We look forward to discussing how we may be of assistance to you.