Case Studies

Case Study # 1: Background information on BMP to meet Regulations.

Case Study # 2: Site Remediation – Full site services, from schedule 1 & 2 environmental reports up to full Decontamination and reinstatement for Commercial, Industrial & Residential.

Case Study # 3: Seawater encapsulation testing. Working at a marina on Vancouver Island.

Case Study # 4: ECOBOND® LBP – Environmental remediation for $77million project to replace Johnson Street Bridge.

Case Study # 5: Ecobond® LBP Additive. Technical data included.

Case Study # 6: Flow through technology to recycle anti-freeze five times faster than traditional methods.

Case Study # 8: Closed loop marina wash water recycling. Marina wash water closed loop system for hydrocarbons & heavy metals.

Case Study # 9: Mold Removal – 22 units engulfed in mold, residents living below for a number of year. The mold was removed 7 times faster with NO WASTE STREAM OR CHEMICALS

Case Study # 10: Commercial Ship Mold & Asbestos Removal – Photos & information on removing mold & asbestos from commercial shipping Line & private homes.

Case Study # 11: Decontamination & Remediation – Full decontamination and remediation of a variety of properties, Residential, Industrial & Commercial.

Case Study # 12: Commercial Net Wash Facility – Site survey for converting existing infrastructure to a closed loop system.